A Win-Win Situation || Quartie

After teasing Artie for a few nights, Quinn had finally decided Saturday would be the one in which she would drop by and surprise him. Saturday was of course a typical person’s busiest night and way too cliche, allowing her the thought he might not even consider her to stop by. It was too obvious. Really and truly she was just looking forward to seeing him, dinner or not. Ever since her adventure with the drugs she’d manage to recover from Jesse, the two had grown much closer— Artie had even opened up to her a bit and seemed to continue that trend the more often they spoke. She was both surprised and honored to be given the chance to get to know him better outside of work; truth be told, Quinn had always had a slight crush on the guy, despite the few years that parted them. She admired his work; how in control and professional he was, but she also admired his strength. No, she didn’t know his entire background, but hoped maybe someday she might learn some of it. Being in a wheelchair she felt weighed heavy on his heart; unsure if it had been something traumatic that put him in the situation it not, she’d never asked, but desperately hoped he knew there was nothing wrong with it and that there was so much more to him. He seemed a bit under confident about himself, and hopefully Quinn could show him just how amazing he truly was.

Deciding not to dress up too much like she had at their last meeting, the blonde opted for a nice skirt and fitting top, though it was nothing as clingy and short as she’d needed the previous week for their mission. Combing through perfected blonde locks, she made sure her place was closed up before heading over to Artie’s. Her heart was doing that fluttery thing again and stomach churning a little anxiously. So she had some feelings for him that were blossoming more so within the past days— was that really so bad? Quinn hadn’t allowed herself to feel them before, given she was engaged and set up for marriage. However, Blaine was off living his own life and happily so - didn’t she have that right as well? Parking her car behind the safe house so as to not be seen, she ventured to the back door and knocked gently, a bright smirk cast across her features as she knocked and gazed up at the darkening sky while awaiting an answer. She totally beat the master - this Quinn was sure of. Proudly she stood, ready to flirtatiously gloat, but as Artie pulled the door open and she caught a waft of something cooking, her smirk faltered to a soft smile. “What is that smell?” she immediately inquired - eyebrow arching. Perhaps he was called the master for a reason.

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